Cover Your Drink

Take preventative action and follow these simple tips:

  • always watch your drink being made

  • carry your own drink

  • cover your drink while holding it

  • do not leave your drink somewhere to retrieve it later

  • never let someone hold your drink

  • discard drinks that had a chance to be tampered with

  • tell a trusted friend where you are


Look After Each Other

Educate your friends, customers and staff on the tips listed above:

  • Encourage to stay with trusted friends or tell your friends where you are if you decide to venture off

  • Ask for a new glass if you suspect anything suspicious


If You Suspect Someone Was Drugged

  • Tell a trusted friend & get help

  • Call 911 or Crime Stoppers and report it

  • Bring him/her to the ER room immediately to get tested & treated

  • Stay by his/her side