Our Mission:

to inspire a safer drinking culture


What We Do

We educate and prevent people from being date rape drugged by sharing information to alcohol-serving establishments and alcohol-drinking communities. We focus on having a safer drinking culture by inspiring people to look after each other. Our goal is to integrate an interactive workshop in the culinary industry, college campuses and community centers to encourage a strong, social and safe community.

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The Workshop

From July - September 2019, request the free Cover Your Drink, Cover Your Friends Workshop to educate and prevent your friends, students or staff from being date rape drugged.

You’ll learn:

  • What’s the difference between alcohol and date rape drugs

  • Who, when and where this can happen

  • How to prevent it from happening to you and your peers

  • What to do if you suspect you or someone else was drugged

    It’s an interactive community-building workshop!

How can we look after each other?

It’s simple and easy to prevent your drink being slipped a drug, follow these steps:

  • Always watch your's and other's drinks being made

  • Cover your drink while holding it

  • Carry your own drink

  • Do not leave your drink somewhere to retrieve it later

  • Never let someone hold your drink

  • Discard drinks that had a chance to be tampered with

It’s not about promoting drinking alcohol or condemning it, it’s simply about building a safer community for all people.

Brandi Kiana-Jo, Founder of The Drink Safe Initiative



Get Involved

There are several ways you can help! From home, you can share the website and videos with friends and family. Spread the word and educate everyone about how they can easily prevent themselves from being drugged. Practice what you learn and let’s build a safer drinking culture together!


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