My mission is to to educate the community about the differences between alcohol and date rape drugs to prevent people from being date rape drugged.



My vision is to create a safer drinking culture by making Drink Safe Initiative an educational program integrated in alcohol-serving establishments and alcohol-drinking communities.


An educational campaign sustained by the community.

The vision is to have this a self-sustaining campaign that continuously educates and prevents date rape drugs from happening and is embedded in society’s common thought process.

Date Rape Drugs are under-reported and often overlooked because there is no educational program that teaches us to what they are or how to keep us safe until it’s too late. Being drugged can lead to sexual assault, theft, blackmail and even death.

This educational program can benefits all people regardless of age, race, occupation, disability or gender and inspires people to be conscious of their well-being especially when drinking alcoholic beverages. Nominate a workshop here.


As a holistic life coach, I care deeply about others and am devoted to empowering people to live their best life possible. Unfortunately, I was date rape drugged and it was one of the scariest situations I had lived through…I felt like I was dying. I was paralyzed, could not see (blind) for hours, I blacked out every several minutes and was sexually assaulted. Death is a side effect of date rape drugs but fortunately I'm alive to do something positive from this experience. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through. Help me educate and prevent this from happening to others as this could save a loved one’s life and even yours. Spread the word and request a workshop so we can inspire a safer drinking culture together.